Ideal Boilers was founded in 1906, meaning that we have over 100 years of providing the best quality boilers to our customers continually working to meet ever-changing domestic heating needs. 

Taking boilers from basements into kitchens in the 1920s, through to introducing pioneering high-efficiency technologies, we continually deliver reliable products designed with our customers in mind.

Today, Ideal remains at the forefront of the domestic and commercial heating markets, leading the industry in setting new standards and challenging technological boundaries. Our company remains true to its founding principles of quality, innovation and value – building on its rich heritage as we look to the future.

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    Our Mission

    Ideal Boilers is dedicated to providing a reliable, competitively priced product range, and delivering incredible customer service to all of its installers and consumers first time, every time.

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    Our Vision

    Ideal Boilers will be the number one choice for installers and consumers when selecting a new boiler in the UK domestic market.

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    Our Values

    In order to provide the best from our customers we continually work to improve our products and services, meaning we are always one step ahead.

100 years of innovation

A History of Ideal

  1. 1920s COOKANHEAT

    One of the first British boilers was the Ideal Cookanheat. This was a revolutionary designed, freestanding stove that combined an open fire, central heating boiler, cooking oven and hot cupboard all in one unit. The Ideal Cookanheat did more to introduce central heating into lower cost homes than any other similar appliance.

    Timeline Cookanheat
  2. 1920s TO MID 1930s 'O SERIES'

    The 'O Series' was another early boiler whose main purpose was to provide enough hot water supply for the homeowner. Later versions provided a choice of matte colour: grey, green or brown. An additional extra was to have a cream enamelled front platework, with top plate, smokehood and baseplate enamelled black.

    Timeline O Series
  3. 1940s No.3 DOMESTIC GAS

    The No. 3 produced a direct hot water supply and was a significant development upon earlier models, as it contained a gas relay control valve and thermostat complete with chromium-plated copper tube connections. This model also contained a heat indicator and could be supplied with a jacket of white vitreous enamelled to special order.

    Timeline Domestic Gas
  4. 1950s AUTOCRAT

    The Autocrat boiler was a compact boiler that was 'assembled ready for installation'. It contained a 'Thermostatic Control', supplied as standard with the boiler and operated by a small control knob positioned on the right-hand side of the front panel. Later models allowed the homeowner to choose between a black and cream or black and white vitreous enamel. A rocking grate was also standard on later models, whereas on early models it was 'frequently available with'.

    Timeline Autocrat
  5. 1960s ELITE

    The Elite boiler was designed for the larger home and was available in five sizes. For its relatively high capacity, the Elite gas boiler was compact, and, for its time fit perfectly inside a house. This model contained an electrical control box, an industry first, giving the homeowner fully automatic operation for their convenience and economy.

    Timeline Elite
  6. 1970s CONCORD

    The 1970's saw the Concord become one of the best-selling and award-winning models of the time. Even today it is synonymous with quality, reliability and excellence in engineering. This boiler was built to fit into a space between standard kitchen units with programming and controls that were the most advanced ever in the heating industry.

    Timeline Concord
  7. 1980s SPRINT

    The Sprint boilers was a fan-assisted gas combination boiler. The controls were more advanced than ever before, allowing homeowners to choose a combination of functions that provided warmth and hot water all year round. This boiler managed to overcome flues of varying resistance, which meant it was effective in a wide range of applications that might otherwise prove difficult.

    Timeline Sprint
  8. 1990/00s CLASSIC/CLASSIC SE

    The original Classic was launched in 1991, and the Classic SE (model depicted) was launched in 2001, and was an upgrade of the original Classic. The Classic SE is a tried and tested boiler which offers unprecedented standards of reliability due to its simple design and engineering. It is the only wall-hung cast iron boiler with an RS offering. From April 2005, with new regulations enforced, HE boilers replaced SE boilers.

    Timeline Classic

    If you're looking for a high performance, over 90% efficient combi boiler that guarantees quality, reliability and exceptional value, then Ideal has the answer. Representing the next generation in heating design, our award winning Logic+ boilers offer state-of-the-art technology in a practical, compact unit that fits easily into any standard kitchen cupboard.

    Timeline Logic Plus

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