What settings do I need to have set up on my phone for Geolocation to work?

On iOS the Touch app will guide you through what is required and request permissions as it needs them.  The permission it will ask for are Location (which needs to be set to “Always”) and Motion & Fitness, to detect movement on the phone. If location track is disabled then Geolocation will stop working. 

To re-enable them you will need to do the following:

a. Access Settings

b. Scroll down to the list of Apps and find “Touch”

c. Change “Location” to “Always”

d. Change “Motion & Fitness” to on. 

On Android devices you may find, depending on the device, that they will have setting that monitors and tries to save power (e.g. Samsung App Power Monitor) to prolong battery life. Unfortunately, these functions attempt to close down apps that need to run consistently in the background such as the Touch Connect with Geolocation. Depending on the device it is advised that you either exclude the Touch Connect app from this function in the settings or disable this setting completely.