My Geolocation is not working, what should I check?

Firstly, check there is no one at home who has interacted with the Touch device itself. If they have then it will be overridden until all of the mobile devices return home.

If your Geolocation is still not working, then check that the app is running in the background and your mobile device has not disabled it.

On an IOS device you should:

a. Access Settings

b. Scroll down to the list of Apps and find “Touch”

c. Check “Location” is set to “Always”

d. Check “Motion & Fitness” is on.

On Android devices you may find, depending on the device, that they will have setting that monitors and tries to save power (e.g. Samsung App Power Monitor) to prolong battery life. Unfortunately these functions attempt to close down apps that need to run consistently in the background such as the Touch Connect with Geolocation. Depending on the device it is advised that you either exclude the Touch Connect app from this function in the settings or disable this setting completely.