How do I set up Geolocation on my Touch Connect App?

Geolocation is set up in the “Settings” section of the Touch Connect app.

When you click to “Enable Geolocation” the app will lead you through a setup wizard to cover several steps:

  • Allowing the Touch Connect App to access the location settings on your phone
  • Setting a “simple schedule” with a day and night temperature
  • Confirming your home location and its position on the map
  • Setting your home and away distances to decide how close to your home you want your heating to come on and off.

Once Geolocation is enabled other users will need to log onto the Touch Connect app on their phones, select to add their device in the Geolocation settings and give permission for the app to use the location feature on their phone.

Once all of the users have added their device their location (home or away) will be shown on the home-screen of the app.

A YouTube video is available showing how to set up Geolocation and add users.