• The Halo app cannot find my location using an IOS device +

    From IOS 13 onwards, when you install the app and activate geolocation a system message asking for permission to allow location services to be used will appear. Select the option to "Allow when App is in use". 

    Shortly after when the App tries to use the location services when the app is closed, another system message will pop up asking if you want to allow location services use at all times. This option should then be selected.   

    If any concerns. check the App permissions in the IOS App settings.

  • The Halo app cannot find my location using an Android device +

    On your mobile device,  Ensure the location settings are set to allow useage at all times for the Halo App. 

  • What will happen with Geolocation active? +

    When geolocation is active  Halo will run your preset schedules  (in auto mode) or your  selected tempatature (in manual mode) when someone is at home. When the last person leaves the home Halo will switch the heating to OFF. 

    When the first person crosses the home boundry and returns home then Halo will return to Auto  or Manual mode (whichever was set originally) and your heating will run as set.