• How do I identify the make of my programmer? +

    Most programmers will either have their make or model on the front or on a drop down panel.

  • How do I set my timer up? +

    User guides for our current programmers can be found under the literature section of our website in PDF format. They explain how to set times, temperatures and alternative functions.

  • What controls are compatible with my boiler? +

    Any controls that work on 240 Vac can be used alongside our current range of boilers. The Logic and Vogue range can also be controlled by OpenTherm technology. For more information regarding this you can contact our customer services team on 01482 498660.

  • What does pre heat mean? +

    ‘Pre-heat’ is a function that is designed to provide you with instant hot water when required. It works by infrequently heating the plate heat exchanger so that when hot water is requested it is already heated. This feature is not compulsory however, if not selected can take a few minutes before the hot water is at the appropriate temperature.

  • How do I reset to remove my service message? +

    On the older range of Ideal boilers, you can reset your boiler to remove the service message by holding the mode dial in the reset position for 3 seconds. For the newer range of Ideal boilers, such as Logic+ and Vogue,

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