Features & benefits

These lightweight flat panel collectors are manufactured on their own robotic line. The number of individual components has been kept to a minimum for this product concept. A specially developed glue is the only joining technique used on the flat plate collector.

The collectors come with an aluminium absorber. Equipped with a modular mounting system, the collectors can be used for both flat-roof and roof-mounted installations.

  • Aluminium absorber
  • Modular mounting system
  • Flat-roof, in-roof and on-roof options
  • Lightweight

The Technology

Ideal technology provides solar thermal solutions with flat plate collectors. The Ideal flat plate technology is available in on-roof panel format, the TS8000, and in-roof format, the TS8001. Both models are manufactured on dedicated robotic lines and feature aluminium absorbers with selective surface coating for optimum heat collection and therefore efficiency.

Delivering an average of up to 60% of the homes annual domestic hot water, Ideal solar thermal offers pressurised systems which collect solar radiation from the sun and transfers it into a heat absorbent fluid. The fluid is then pumped into a twin coil cylinder to heat the homes domestic hot water supply. This system works in conjunction with a system or heat only boiler which supplements the system when required.

Quick and simple to install, Ideal flat plate collectors can be mounted in-roof or on-roof with minimum fuss. For flat roof installations an easy-assemble A-frame can be utilised in both options. Available in a choice of easy to specify packs, Ideal solar thermal offers a hassle free solar thermal solution, designed for a wide variety.


A solar thermal system is made up of solar collector(s), a pump station, a twin coil cylinder, a solar controller and a boiler.


Solar panels are located on the roof of the property which collect solar radiation, heating the solar fluid contained inside.


When the fluid has reached the desired temperature, the pump station will begin to draw the hot fluid down and into the twin coil cylinder


The hot fluid enters the twin coil cylinder via the bottom coil and heats the water held inside. A sensor within the cylinder monitors the temperature of the water as it increases. The hot water is then ready for use within the home.


If the water within the cylinder doesn’t reach 60°C, or the set temperature, the boiler will fire up to supplement the system.

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