How do I change the batteries in my Ideal Touch control and reconnect it to the boiler?

  • Switch of the power to the boiler
  • Un-clip the thermostat from its cradle or stand by sliding the Touch thermostat upwards
  •  Use a flat bladed screwdriver to pop off the rear cover and take out the batteries
  •  Place 3 new batteries back into the back of the Ideal Touch
  •  Turn the power to the boiler back on
  •  As the power returns to the boiler insert the last battery into the back of the Touch and replace the back cover.
  •  When the Touch screen comes on it should then show ‘connecting to boiler’. After approximately 60 seconds, the screen will prompt you to input the date & time to complete setup.

Should you have any problems, please contact a member of our technical customer services team on 01482 498 660.