Logic Combi ESP1


Siting and installing the Logic Combi ESP1 is fast, simple and easy. With a simple hanging bracket rather than a jig your boiler can be on the wall in a matter of minutes saving time and money on installation. We supply preformed copper tails for all gas and water connections to the boiler that are designed to stand off the wall the same distance as a pipe clip, ensuring the connections to the boiler aren’t under undue stress. With a range of flues available for both horizontal and vertical terminals, alongside a host of installation accessories, you could install an Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 virtually anywhere.

Features & Design

The Logic Code Combi ESP1 has been designed to be lightweight (with our 35kW output weighing less than 30kg!) and compact, fitting inside a standard kitchen cupboard so the boiler can be kept out of sight. Additional features include a service timer to remind tenants when their service is due and, if required, reduce boiler output to encourage access. With simple controls and covered connections, the Logic Code Combi ESP1 ensures a compact and tidy installation every time.

Ease of Use

In this age of technology things can be overly complicated. At Ideal we know that the simplest of things are often the best. That’s why on the Logic Combi ESP1 all you’ll find is three dials and two buttons. A dial for hot water temperature control, a dial for central heating temperature control, a mode selection dial, one button to navigate the menu and one button to restart/select. Really, what else do you need?


Legislation covering new build homes is now tighter than ever (which is surely a better thing for the environment and householders’ energy bills), with homes having to be better insulated and use more energy efficient ways of not just heating a property but generating hot water as well. Based on the Logic Combi C, our ESP1 variant of the award-winning Logic range has been specifically designed to reach optimum performance in SAP to help housebuilders adhere to the strict regulations with as little fuss as possible.


In 2014 we were voted Product of the Year winner of the Household Boiler Category. In 2015 we became the first boiler manufacturer to achieve ISO 50001 accreditation for our energy management system. Now in 2019 we are celebrating Good Housekeeping Recommended awards three years in a row and we have recently been honoured with two Queen’s awards for Enterprise recognising our outstanding achievements in innovation and international trade.

So what else is there to say? This year will see the 10th anniversary of the Logic Boiler! It has been an incredible 10 years for us with over 2.5 million Logic boilers produced. We are looking forward to the next 10 years and improving, what some would say, is already, the best there is.