Forecast: Frozen Condensate Pipes

We want all our customers to be warm, comfortable and secure as the cold weather draws in which is why we want you to be 100% sure your boiler is in the best working condition.

If you see the error codes L2 or F2 or hear a gurgling noise coming from your boiler this could mean the condensate pipe is frozen, but don’t panic! This is a common problem when temperatures drop below freezing and the solution is simple if you follow these steps:

  1. Locate your condensate pipe which runs from the bottom of your boiler. It could be a white or grey plastic pipe that runs through the wall and outside the property for part of its length.
  2. Remove any insulation that is fitted to the pipe work.
  3. Apply a hot water bottle or microwavable heat pad around the pipe work.
  4. You could also pour tepid water over the frozen section of the pipe. It is important that you do not use boiling water as this may crack the pipe.
  5. To help prevent further freezing refit the insulation sleeves onto your pipe.
  6. Once you have cleared the blockage from the condensate pipe press the restart button.

Please take care if your condensate pipe is not easily reached from ground level, and do not put yourself at any undue risk without seeking assistance from a Gas Safe engineer, also be careful when pouring water onto a path or walkway as this may freeze and cause a slip hazard.

For a visual guide you can watch our video on how to defrost a frozen condensate pipe here -

If the fault persists, please contact us on - 01482 498660