Is there a benefit to installing more than one of the additional energy efficiency options?

The homeowner may see increased energy saving or ease of use (in the case of a smart thermostat) by installing more than one of the additional energy efficiency options but it will not alter compliance with Boiler Plus. There are no additional “points” or gains from a legislative perspective of installing more than 1 of the additional energy efficiency measures.

ErP Ratings of the Ideal Domestic Boiler Range – all comply with Boiler Plus.

What is the difference between ERP system labels and Boiler Plus?

The ERP system label enables the installer to aggregate products into a higher efficiency category i.e. a boiler and control can be added to achieve a higher system rating, this is different to Boiler Plus as specific measures are applied as listed for the 4 optional measures, this means a system label can be generated for all systems however that system may not comply with Boiler Plus.

For example a Logic Combi C fitted with an electromechanical timer would have an ErP label but would not comply with Boiler Plus without additional accessories e.g. weather compensation.

Do we need to install all of the additional energy efficiency options?

No, only 1 out of the 4 energy efficiency options need to be installed alongside any replacement combi boiler.


What is a smart control with automation and optimisation?

Smart thermostats are products that let consumers remotely control their home temperature via a tablet, smartphone or desktop for greater control over the central heating system.

Automation is a function that allows the device to automatically control the heating system output in response to programmed demand (e.g. scheduling with temperature control) or occupancy detection, an advanced example of this is the use of geolocation.

Optimisation means the device calculates how long it takes the property to reach the desired comfort level, and times the system’s operation to minimise the amount of work it has to do. Usually it also modulates the output of the boiler in a similar way to load compensation, so as little fuel as possible is consumed.

The Ideal Touch Connect thermostat which is due to launch in 2018 will be a smart, connected control with automation (scheduling with temperature control) and optimisation.

What is load compensation?

This feature within modern central heating controls adjusts the temperature of the water going to your radiators automatically. When your home is cold, the temperature going to your radiators will be high, but as the room warms up less heat is required, and the temperature going to the radiators will be reduced. This means your gas boiler matches your homes heat requirements better than a simple on/off control, reducing energy wastage and maintaining comfort conditions. The Ideal Touch control provides load compensation.

What is weather compensation?

Weather compensation interacts intelligently with the boiler to reduce radiator water temperatures based on outside temperatures, which increases efficiency without compromising user comfort. Many users have reported significantly improved comfort, as the boiler is better able to maintain a steady internal temperature by adjusting boiler output to account for changes in the weather. Weather compensators can be a simple external sensor feeding weather data back to the boiler.

Ideal provide an external weather sensor that can be purchased as an accessory.

What is a FLUE Gas Heat Recovery System (FGHRS)?

FGHRS recover heat from waste flue gases to preheat the cold water entering the boiler, lowering the amount of energy needed to warm the water up to the required level. Almost all modern boilers already have some sort of heat recovery built in, making condensing boilers much more efficient than older ones. Even so, FGHRS can further increase the efficiency of these condensing boilers in most cases, delivering the same amount of heat with up to 4% less gas.

The Ideal Logic Code Combi ESP1 has a built in FGHRS.

Is Boiler Plus going to increase cost for the householder?

Boiler Plus aims to ensure that households are running efficient heating systems which should help to conserve energy bills. The provision of an additional energy efficiency measure with any replacement combi boiler may cause a slight increase in initial cost at installation, however there are a variety of solutions available covering a range of cost options giving choice to the homeowner.

Who does Boiler Plus apply to?

Boiler Plus applies to all households in England as of 1st April 2018. The provision of an additional energy efficiency measure applies to replacement combi boilers only.

Why does my Combi boiler not work as well when I use multiple hot water taps?

Combi boilers are designed to offer a rise in temperature depending on the flow rate passing through the boiler. As more hot water outlets are used, both the flow and temperature will be shared between the channels. 

How do I check if my condensate pipe is blocked?

In Winter, your condensate pipe may freeze and become blocked. This can easily be fixed by using a hot water bottle, or pouring warm water over the pipe itself. For more information on this check out our ‘How to’ video on YouTube. If the weather is milder it may be worth checking where the condense pipe terminates for blockages such as leaves. Usually, a gurgling noise can be heard from the boiler during attempted ignition when the condensate is blocked.

What is 'fan post purge'?

This means that the fan continues to run after the boiler has been in operation to help cool the unit down, this is a normal function within the appliance.

How do I know which boiler is best suited for my home?

There is a product selector tool available on our website which gives you a guide on what boiler would be best suit for your home. It asks for brief information on your home and then generates suggestions based on your input.

My Building Regulations certificate is incorrect, how do I get a new one?

If the boiler was registered through the Installer Connect scheme you can contact them directly on 0114 3993950 and they will have this rectified for you, If you/your installer registered directly with building regulations you would need to contact them directly to rectify this.

What are your opening hours?

We believe that customer support is just as important as engineering excellence, so you can rely on us to be ready and able to help 364 days a year. Our customer services team are available 

Monday to Friday 08:00am – 18:00pm 
Saturday 08:00am –16:00pm
Sunday 08:00am – 12:00pm 
Bank holidays 08:00am – 16:00pm (closed Christmas day).

How can I contact you?

Please see below contact numbers for different departments within Ideal boilers:

Customer services: 01482 498660
Technical support: 01482 498663

How do I identify the make of my programmer?

Most programmers will either have their make or model on the front or on a drop down panel.

What warranty does my programmer have ?

If installed at the same time as the boiler, our programmers currently mirror the warranty of the appliance they are fitted to. If it is not fitted at the same time as the boiler then the standard warranty period of the programmer will be 12 months.

Does my manufactures warranty cover all controls?

Any of our own control units such as the PRT3 or the Touch programmer will mirror the boilers warranty if they are purchased and installed at the same time. Unfortunately, any other manufacturers control units would not be covered by us.

How do I set my timer up?

User guides for our current programmers can be found under the literature section of our website in PDF format. They explain how to set times, temperatures and alternative functions.

What controls are compatible with my boiler?

Any controls that work on 240 Vac can be used alongside our current range of boilers. The Logic and Vogue range can also be controlled by OpenTherm technology. For more information regarding this you can contact our customer services team on 01482 498660.

How do I re-set my boiler controls after changing the batteries?

On the PRT3, the reset button is located on the transceiver unit at the front of the boiler and on the programmable room thermostat. These should be held in for 5 seconds with the unit left next to the boiler for 15 minutes to pair. On the Touch programmer, this should happen automatically but can also take up to 15 minutes. If you require further assistance please contact our Customer Service department on 01482 498660.

What does fault code FA flashing on a Logic Combi 35 mean?

This means there is an issue with the flow and return pipes are reversed. Although this is usually not the case on a combi boiler, If this occurs please check all isolation valves underneath the boiler are in the open position, all radiator valves are turned on full and the bypass is free flowing to see if this rectifies the issue, If it does it may be worth calling the installer of the boiler to take a look.

What is the difference between a standard Logic and the plus model?

Our Logic and Logic+ boilers are very similar in appearance; the major components are the same but the software and displays on the boilers are different. Our Logic boilers currently have a 2-year warranty whereas Logic+ boilers currently have 7 years. 

Which boiler is the equivalent to the one I have?

There is a tool available on our website which gives you a guide on what boiler would be best suit for your home. It asks for brief information on your home and then generates suggestions based on your input.

How do I get a new installation/ user manual?

These are available to download in the form of a PDF file from our website free of charge. These can be found here.

My boiler display is blank, what does this mean?

A blank display is an indication that there is no power to the boiler. Alternatively a component within the boiler may have failed and a callout is required, please contact our Customer Service department on 01482 498660.

My boiler shows 'C' and the burner light is flashing what does this mean?

This means the boiler has reached the programmed temperature. If the house has not met the set temperature and the boiler is showing this it could be caused by a circulation problem in the system. For more information regarding this you can contact our customer services team on 01482 498660.

What is a condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler is a high efficiency boiler which runs at a lower temperature than older, traditional style boilers. It recovers energy through, what is termed, 'Latent Heat'. When the burned fuel products cool they turn in to a liquid and create condensation. 

What is 'Pluming'?

Pluming is the effect seen from the flue on modern condensing boilers, it appears as a white "steam like" discharge from the flue. It’s a result of modern high efficiency boilers running at a cooler temperature than older, less efficient boilers did. It is safe however, there are a range of flue additions to remove the plume from the area. For further advice on this please either speak to your installer or call our Customer Services department on 01482 498660.

Why does my boiler lose pressure?

Often, with a newly filled system, there can be air in the water used. Over time this is released into the system causing a pressure drop. Another cause of pressure loss could be not having enough expansion in the system.  There could also be a slight leak within the system which may not be noticeable without detailed checking.  Finally, it could be due to a component failure within the boiler. If the system requires topping up frequently it needs to be checked by a professional to find the source of the pressure loss.

Where do I find my serial number?

The serial number is displayed on a barcoded sticker located at the top of the boiler. Alternatively, it should be present on the Benchmark certificate completed by the installer when the boiler was fitted. If you require further assistance please contact our Customer Services department on 01482 498660.

What does 'Pre-heat' mean?

‘Pre-heat’ is a function that is designed to provide you with instant hot water when required. It works by infrequently heating the plate heat exchanger so that when hot water is requested it is already heated. This feature is not compulsory however, if not selected can take a few minutes before the hot water is at the appropriate temperature.

What does it mean when '0' is displayed on the boiler screen?

'0' Informs you that the boiler is in standby and not receiving a demand from either the hot water, or central heating.

What does it mean when 'D' is displayed on the boiler screen?

'D' Informs you that the boilers fired up for a hot water demand.

What does it mean when the 'C' is displayed on the boiler screen?

'C' means the boiler has a central heating demand.

What is ErP?

ErP is designed to help the EU achieve its target of reducing energy use by 20% and increasing the share of renewable energies by 20% before 2020. It will affect all space and water heaters, ensuring they meet minimum efficiency requirements, and use the same type of energy efficiency labels seen on other white goods such as fridges and freezers. Manufacturers will only be able to sell compliant products after 26th September 2015.

How do I register my boiler for warranty?

In order to register your free guarantee you can visit our website. Click 'Register' and complete all sections. Alternatively you can call our Customer Service team on 01482 498660. Please note the boiler serial number is required when registering the warranty and needs to be completed within 30 days of installation.

What happens if I fail to register my boiler for warranty on time?

To qualify for the full guarantee the boiler must be registered within 30 days of installation. Should this condition not be met, the period of guarantee will be reduced to 12 months from the date of installation.