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Renewable Energy

As environment concerns remain hot on the national agenda and the demand for energy efficient heating technologies continues to increase, here at Ideal, we understand that you want a reliable, long term partner that has the skills and expertise to deliver you a wide range of reliable and pragmatic solutions.


With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, you can be confident to know that our capabilities stretch beyond traditional boiler technologies, with new energy solutions designed to meet your individual building requirements.



“The Vogue really is a premium product: it has the stainless steel heat exchanger, the soft drop-down door and the LCD display which all add to it being a quality and neat piece of kit. The LCD display lights up too, and inside the boiler the pressure gauge is right at the front so it’s easy to get to. Even though these are only small things, it’s all of these little things combined which actually make it so much better than just a standard range. It’s a really quality product.

I think the installation was very straight forward. It’s just like the Logic and Logic+ in that it’s lightweight, easy to hang and the valves are all ready to be connected. The 7 year warranty is a promise to the homeowner that it is a reliable product!”

Peter Jones, JR Jones