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ERP - WE'VE GOT IT Covered

Our handy calculator below makes calculating system efficiencies and generating package labels easy!

Select Boiler
Classic GB24
Classic GB30
Esprit Eco Combi 24
Esprit Eco Combi 30
Evomax 30
Evomax 30P
Evomax 40
Evomax 40P
Evomax 60
Evomax 60P
I Combi 24
I Combi 30
I Combi 35
I Mini Combi C24
I Mini Combi C30
Independent + Combi 24
Independent + Combi 30
Independent + Combi 35
Independent Combi 24
Independent Combi 30
Independent Combi 35
Independent System 15
Independent System 18
Independent System 24
Independent System 30
Instinct Combi 24
Instinct Combi 30
Instinct Combi 35
Keston Combi C30
Keston Combi C35
Keston Heat 45
Keston Heat 55
Keston System S30
Logic Code Combi ES 26
Logic Code Combi ES 33
Logic Code Combi ES 38
Logic Combi 24
Logic Combi 30
Logic Combi 35
Logic Combi C24
Logic Combi C30
Logic Combi C35
Logic Combi ES 24
Logic Combi ES 30
Logic Combi ES 35
Logic Combi ESP 24
Logic Combi ESP 30
Logic Combi ESP 35
Logic Combi ESP1 24
Logic Combi ESP1 30
Logic Combi ESP1 35
Logic Heat 12
Logic Heat 15
Logic Heat 18
Logic Heat 24
Logic Heat 30
Logic System 15
Logic System 18
Logic System 24
Logic System 30
Logic+ Combi 24
Logic+ Combi 30
Logic+ Combi 35
Logic+ Combi C24
Logic+ Combi C30
Logic+ Combi C35
Logic+ Heat 12
Logic+ Heat 15
Logic+ Heat 18
Logic+ Heat 24
Logic+ Heat 30
Logic+ System 15
Logic+ System 18
Logic+ System 24
Logic+ System 30
Mexico HE15
Mexico HE18
Mexico HE24
Mexico HE30
Mexico HE36
Morco GB 24
Morco GB 30
Procombi 24
Procombi 30
Procombi 35
Vogue Combi 26
Vogue Combi 26P
Vogue Combi 32
Vogue Combi 32P
Vogue Combi 40
Vogue Combi 40P
Vogue System 15
Vogue System 15P
Vogue System 18
Vogue System 18P
Vogue System 26
Vogue System 26P
Vogue System 32
Vogue System 32P
Select Controls
Class I Control
Class II Control
Class III Control
Class IV Control
Class V Control
Class VI Control
Class VII Control
Class VIII Control
Ideal Electronic Timer
Ideal Mechanical Timer
Rf Electronic Programmable Thermostat
Rf Electronic Programmable Thermostat Installed With Outdoor Weather Sensor
Rf Mechanical Programmable Thermostat
Rf Mechanical Timer & Room Thermostat
Weather Compensation Outdoor Sensor Installed In Isolation
Rated heat output of space or combination heater:
Collector size (m2):
Volume of storage tank (m3):
Collector efficiency (in %):
Tank Rating:

Package Label