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Electronic heating control

Ideal heating controls are simple and easy to use and work perfectly with our full range of boilers for the ultimate in home comfort. Whether you’re looking for a simple, tappet clock timer or wireless (RF) room thermostat controls, we have a product to meet your needs. You can find out more information on the installation process here.

Logic / Logic+ electronic controls

RF Electronic Programmable Thermostat

This wireless Radio Frequency (RF) digital timer provides heating and hot water control and features a simple user interface, room temperature control, +Hours mode and Holiday mode. It features English language boiler fault messages with suggested corrective actions and a timed pre-heat to save energy and reduce costs. Summer/winter time (GMT/BST) is automatically updated, and the boiler output is modulated by a 7 day timed control of central heating by Opentherm, saving energy and costs. Logic+ Combi only: If it is required to limit radiator surface temperatures under all conditions, use the RF Mechanical Programmable Room thermostat kit. ErP Class 5, 3% additional efficiency.

User Guide

Vogue electronic controls

RF Electronic Programmable Thermostat Kit (Vogue)

Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) digital timer and room thermostat
providing heating control. 7 day, plain text operating and diagnostics display. Automatic summer/winter time update.

(Part No. 216131)

ErP: Class 5, 3% additional efficiency.


Designed for use with Vogue, Logic and Logic+ combi, heat and system 30kW boilers, the Ideal LPG (propane) conversion kit provides a simple and robust gas conversion solution.

With 14 kits available inclusive of six natural gas to LPG kits, and six LPG to natural gas kits, these quick to install accessories provide a simple and pragmatic solution without the need for products to be adjusted.

Each kit comprises:

  • Gas valve (preset operation)
  • Burner injector
  • WBCC (boiler chip card)
  • Data plate labels
  • Instructions


“Ideal Boilers are easy to install and easy to work on”

Juilian Waines, Julian Waines Plumbing & Heating, Reading