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Ideal System Filter

The Ideal System Filter is a magnetic filter for use with Ideal boilers. The compact forged brass design has double radial seals, is easy to install and  fits on horizontal or vertical pipework in both flow directions. The filter can operate at angles of 45°.


Touch is the latest in heating control technology and has been developed with both installers and homeowners in mind. Developed by our in-house design team in Hull, Touch is both easy to install & simple to use. Compatible with Logic, Logic+ and Vogue boilers, Touch is a fully wireless RF thermostat that’s simple to install…

RF Mechanical Timer & Room Thermostat Kits

Easy to use remote frequency timer, complete with room thermostat. The timer is prewired with plug in connections to the boiler wiring and features a 24 hour tappet operation with off/timed/continuous period. The room thermostat can be freestanding or wall mounted and has a compact design with LCD display and simple symbols to indicate the control. ErP Class…

RF Mechanical Programmable Thermostat Kit (Vogue Combi)

Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) analogue timer provides timed heating control with temperature control and fits into a standard position in the control panel. The easy to use kit consists of a mounting panel, signal receiver, analogue clock programmable room thermostat and internal wiring harness. ErP Class 1.

RF Electronic Programmable Thermostat Kit (Vogue)

Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) digital timer and room thermostat providing heating control. 7 day, plain text operating and diagnostics display. Automatic summer/winter time update. (Part No. 216131) ErP: Class 5, 3% additional efficiency.

Electronic Timer, 7 Day (Vogue Combi)

The kit is comprised of a mounting panel, simple operation large display timer, large LCD display with adjustable brightness, internal wiring harness and plain text display for programming. Additional functions include automatic BST/GMT (summer/winter) update, holiday date setting, on/off optimisation, and up to three timed periods per day. The capacitor back up ensures programmes are…

Mechanical Timer, 24 Hour (Vogue)

Simple heating control through a plug-in analogue timer. 24 hour tappet operation with off/timed/continuous periods. (Part No. 215390) ErP: Class 0, no additional efficiency.

Programmer 7 Day Kit (Vogue System)

This kit is comprised of a mounting panel, an internal wiring harness, and a large LCD display timer with adjustable brightness, showing day of the week, programmed times, and time and boiler operation information. Four buttons provide access to additional functions including a large LCD display with adjustable brightness, holiday date setting, automatic BST/GMT (summer/winter)…


RF Electronic Programmable Thermostat

This wireless Radio Frequency (RF) digital timer provides heating and hot water control and features a simple user interface, room temperature control, +Hours mode and Holiday mode. It features English language boiler fault messages with suggested corrective actions and a timed pre-heat to save energy and reduce costs. Summer/winter time (GMT/BST) is automatically updated, and…


Mechanical Timer, 24 Hour

The easy to use, 24 hour mechanical timer is a simple plug-in option. Continuous, timed or off modes can be set using the tappets which provide 15 minute period operation. An integral clock provides the time of day. ErP Class 0, no additional efficiency.