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Tony Bird: Vogue Installation

Tony Bird originally began to fit Ideal boilers after hearing constant good reviews from other Installers and at his local merchant branch.

It was there where he found out about Idea’s new “premium boiler range, Vogue” and decided to fit his first in May 2013.

He commented on how easy the installation was explaining that “it was so straight forward” and “if it was the first boiler I had ever fitted, I would definitely have no problems, you couldn’t fail!”

One of the key factors that aids the ease of installation is the premium technology. “The cool burner door technology means that it can be opened while it’s still on so you don’t need to turn everything off, this makes servicing much more efficient.”

Tony went on to say, “the display screen is another great bit of technology in the Vogue as it counts down to the next service date meaning that the homeowner will always remember and I can enter my number in it so that they contact me!”

Tony Bird really appreciates the 7 year warranty knowing that it will be a great selling point with his customers as it offers home owners complete peace of mind. Teamed with the premium products and its classic appearance he is yet to find a fault and is already recommending it to fellow installers!