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Ted Leahy, The Mark Group

The Mark Group are new to the Gas boiler central heating installation arena. The division was set up in 2012 and today they are installing over 50 boilers per week with plans to expand dramatically as the year goes on.

Ted Leahy, Central Heating Operations Manager for The Mark Group first heard about the new Vogue boiler through Alan Stevenson, Commercial Sales Director at Ideal, and his high expectations were not let down when he finally got to see it:

“The appliance really is a premium product in its appearance, control and feel, and once inside it has the quality you would expect from a premium product in appearance, feel and performance”.

The boiler is really well thought out for installing and servicing with easy access to all of the components and room for manoeuvre inside.

The drop down panel on the front feels strong and firm and the soft opening adds that extra quality for the homeowner.

It’s just like the Logic range to install, and my team say ‘it’s a doddle!’

It hangs straight on the wall, it’s still light enough to lift and the commissioning is made easy with the visual display information that is provided in a user friendly manor -it’s really good to see exactly what the boiler is doing without the read out being in code.

The boiler also comes with sound deadening built in, so it has a quiet operation – again demonstrating thought and quality as well as being of interest to the homeowner”.