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Scott McManus: Vogue Installation

Scott McManus installed a Vogue Combi32 after hearing about it from Ideal Sales Rep Ian Fife. Scott had already installed Ideal products and likes to work with them because of their reliability and the dependability of Ideal’s back up service.

Upon first impression, Scott thought the Vogue looked very impressive with a smart finish. Additionally Scott and members of his team found the Vogue easy to work with, with a smooth, straightforward installation process.

Scott’s team commented that modern technology the Vogue features is particularly appealing. Scott was particularly drawn to the user friendly LCD screen from which you can put the boiler into service mode as well as remove air from the system. The screen also offers the feature of being able to programme in the installer’s name and telephone number which will appear on the screen with a service reminder.

Scott and his team believe that the seven year warranty will be a large plus point in terms of sales demand as they believe the existing 5 year warranty on the Ideal Logic+ boiler was a large part of its success.

The Vogue has obviously had a strong impact on Scott and his team as they already have more models ready to install and have recommended the Vogue to other installers based on its premium parts and reliability.