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Pete Wood: Vogue Installation

1. Where did you first hear about Vogue?

I came to the Vogue Roadshow at Plumb Centre and I’d had emails through so I’d had a look on the website too.

2. What were your first impressions of Vogue?

I fit a lot of Logic+’s so I knew it would be step up in terms of quality and it definitely is!

3. How did you find the installation?

My first installation was really straight forward – definitely easy to install like you advertise on the website.

4. What pieces of technology do you think are key to the success of the Vogue?

The heat exchanger for sure! It’s easily the best part of the Vogue, even if it is like competitors. Also all the pipework and components are really good quality and their positioning inside makes it easy to get around.

5. What key features of the Vogue do you think will be the selling points for homeowners?

Above anything else, the warranty. The 7 years is one of the top in the market and it shows support and quality to the homeowner.  The controls are really easy and user friendly too.