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Paul Armstrong: Vogue Installation

Paul Armstrong originally heard about our products directly from an Ideal Sales Rep. Upon receiving product information and literature, Paul decided to start installing and recommending Ideal boilers, with the biggest draw being the Vogue range offering of “good all round boilers”.

Paul installed the Vogue Combi40 and found the installation a smooth and quick process. Paul’s team is small, so fast and easy installation of a product is a big plus point for him in order to be as efficient as possible.

Paul found the backlit LCD display to be a big plus point of the Vogue and thought the display service reminders, readily visible pressure gauge, operating status and fault codes to be useful not only for the installer but also for the end user. The clear messages mean that a customer can easily communicate with an engineer who can them use the technical information shown on the screen to solve the problem.

The feedback on Paul’s thoughts on future demand for the Vogue is that the seven year warranty will be key in creating demand for the product. Additionally, Paul has already recommended the Vogue to fellow installers, particularly on the basis of ease of installation.