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Ken Churcher – Vogue Installation

Ken Churcher of Blue Flame Heating Solutions in Dundee has been installing Ideal boilers for some time and believes they offer great quality and value for money. Ken installed a Vogue Combi 32 after hearing about the range from Ideal sales rep Andy English. Kens first impression of the Vogue was that it is a great all round package with a lot to offer.

Ken’s team have now installed two Vogue boilers pointed out that the Vogue is very user friendly to install, particularly as the pressure relief valve and condensing pipe are combined. Ken also commented that the fact that commissioning the boiler can be done directly from the boiler is a big plus point for installers.

The Vogue range has gone down very well with Blue Flame Heating and Ken believes that there will be high demand for the product. The boilers have already been recommended to other installers by Ken’s team due to the easy nature of the installation and the simplicity of commissioning.