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Heating Controls from Ideal Boilers.

Ideal heating controls are simple and easy to use and work perfectly with our full range of boilers for the ultimate in home comfort.

Vogue Combi

The Vogue boiler range comes complete with an outstanding 10 year warranty on parts and labour*.

Showcasing unique boiler innovation, the Vogue utilises modern technology with premium parts and components to bring you the next step in domestic heating intelligence.
The complete design from component specification, manufacture and build through to consumer use is engineered with quality in mind.

All models in the Vogue range deliver premium performance, reliability and value for money.



  • 10 year warranty on parts and labour*
  • Automatic bypass
  • Filling loop
  • Pre-wired mains lead
  • Preformed copper tails at pipe clip distance
  • Universal condensate drain connection
  • Casing clean point
  • Pump & diverter valve exercise & anticycling
  • Boiler frost protection
  • Commissioning function
  • Fault history log & help text
  • Service display with installer tel. no. input
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Made in UK
  • 10 year warranty
  • ABC
  • Frost Protection
  • Flue Variants
  • Nox Class 5
  • ErP Heating & Water Compliant

The Vogue combi boiler is available in the following outputs: 26kW, 32kW & 40kW. With the latest cool burner door technology, you can service the boiler whilst still hot and the ultra-advanced boiler diagnostics mean you can easily access the system preferences for service, set up and installation.

*10 year warranty available until 30.03.2017. Subject to terms and conditions. 10 year parts and labour warranty available when registered within 30 days of installation.


RF Mechanical Timer & Room Thermostat Kits

Easy to use remote frequency timer, complete with room thermostat. The timer is prewired with plug in connections to the boiler wiring and features a 24 hour tappet operation with off/timed/continuous period. The room thermostat can be freestanding or wall mounted and has a compact design with LCD display and simple symbols to indicate the control. ErP Class 1.

User Guide

Mechanical Timer, 24 Hour (Vogue Combi)

This easy to use, 24 hour mechanical timer is a simple plug-in option that fits into a standard position in the control panel. The kit is comprised of a mounting panel, tappet operation timer and internal wiring harness. Continuous, timed or off modes can be set using the tappets which provide 15 minute period operation, and an integral clock provides time of day. ErP Class 0.

User Guide

Electronic Timer, 7 Day (Vogue Combi)

The kit is comprised of a mounting panel, simple operation large display timer, large LCD display with adjustable brightness, internal wiring harness and plain text display for programming. Additional functions include automatic BST/GMT (summer/winter) update, holiday date setting, on/off optimisation, and up to three timed periods per day. The capacitor back up ensures programmes are retained even in the event of a mains failure. ErP Class 0.

User Guide

RF Electronic Programmable Thermostat Kit (Vogue Combi)

This wireless Radio Frequency (RF) digital timer provides heating and hot water control and features a simple user interface, room temperature control, and features include Holiday mode. Optimised start advanced temperature control with frost setting and service interval timer. The control also features English language boiler fault messages. Summer/winter time (GMT/BST) is automatically updated, and the boiler output is modulated by a 7 day timed control of central heating by an Opentherm connection, saving energy and costs.  ErP Class 5.

User Guide

Outdoor Sensor

Weather compensation can be achieved when the boiler is fitted with an optional outdoor sensor. Weather compensation works by measuring the temperature outside the home and adjusting the temperature (or flow) of the radiators inside. If the weather is particularly cold outside, the outdoor sensor will communicate with the boiler intelligently to increase the temperature inside. This process also works in reverse, as the outdoor temperature increases, the flow to the radiators too will decrease. This process allows the system to operate more efficiently by preventing spikes in heating activity. ErP Class 2, 2% additional efficiency.

User Guide


Designed for use with Vogue and Logic combi,  Logic+ combi, heat and system 30kW boilers, the Ideal LPG (propane) conversion kits provide a simple and robust gas conversion solution.

With 14 kits available inclusive of natural gas to LPG kits, and LPG to natural gas kits, these quick to install accessories provide a simple and pragmatic solution without the need for products to be adjusted.

Each kit comprises:

  • Gas valve (preset operation)
  • Burner injector
  • WBCC (boiler chip card)
  • Data plate labels
  • Instructions