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Derek Humfries, Care4Heating, Derby

“Ideal Boilers offer quality products, good price, no issues, very efficient, easy to install, easy boiler registration with Installer Connect and good customer service back up”

Dave Brookes, Dave Brookes P&H, Bruntwood

“I fit Ideal boilers because the customer service is second to none”

Chris Wingate, Harrogate Heating, Harrogate

“I choose to install Ideal Logic+ boilers & Vogue boilers due to the warranty and back up service from Ideal”

Eddy Holehouse, Holehouse Plumbing Ltd, Leyland

“I choose Ideal Boilers because of the reliability of the products which keeps me and my customers happy”

Darryle Lake, Affordable Plumbing, Northants

“I prefer to install Ideal Logic+ boilers. I find them easy to install, reliable after the installation and I have always been impressed by the customer service/technical teams fast and professional response to any requests I may have”

Nick Redgrift, NRG Heating & Plumbing, Wirral

“One reason I fit the logic + is reliability. The length of warranty on offer and ease of installation also help”

Dave Smart, D Smart Plumbing & Heating, Weston-super-mare

“I install around 30-40 boilers a year, I fit the Ideal boiler range because they are reliable & I can count on the back up from my local rep and the 7 year warranty is a big seller against others”

Juilian Waines, Julian Waines Plumbing & Heating, Reading

“Ideal Boilers are easy to install and easy to work on”

Gavin Smith, MNS Heating & Plumbing, Irvine

“I choose to fit the Logic+ boiler from Ideal because of the simplicity of installation and the 7 year warranty, giving both me and my customer peace of mind”

Michael Norton, High Peak Gasline, Buxton

“You just can’t beat the Logic+ boiler range for ease of installation, price point and quality. Since switching to Ideal I’ve won more work and that makes me happy!”