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Ideal Vogue boiler – recommended by installers, for installers!

Vogue Boiler Recommendation

Ideal Marketing have been working with local installation company CCH Leeds to produce a new video for our YouTube channel.

The video tells the story of how business owner Allen Hart asked his Facebook group Gas Chat which new boiler he should install in his own home.

The Facebook group has 600+ industry members and is a hive of activity for all things plumbing, heating and installation.

Installer, Allen Hart asked the question: “Which 40kW combi boiler would you fit in your own house, quality is the most important thing” and the Ideal Vogue boiler came out on top with over 25% of votes.

The Vogue boiler was recommended to Allen by more than 40 installers in the group and generated almost 400 comments about its supreme reliability. Installer’s also shared their positive experiences of the product.

Find out how Allen’s installation went by watching the video on our YouTube channel:

Vogue Boiler Recommendation

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