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Logic Combi boiler
Logic Code Combi ES Boiler

Logic Code Combi ES Boiler

*Update available, please see new blog post on 24.07.2014*

The UK Government has announced the introduction from June 2014, of a new incentive scheme for householders to improve the energy efficiency of their homes – the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF).

The scheme is applicable to householders in England and Wales and up to £7600 is available through incentives for a range of energy efficiency improvements. There is a choice of two core offers and two add-on offers.

Funding Offers

Core offer 1 :

provides up to £1000* for installing 2 measures from the following:

·        Condensing mains gas boiler – e.g. Logic ,Vogue
·        Flue Gas Heat Recovery – e.g. Logic Code Combi ES counts as 2 measures                                                           (1=condensing boiler & 2 =Flue Gas heat recovery as standard)
·        Waste water heat recovery –                                                                                                                                     n.b. Ideal combi boilers are suitable for use with such shower heat recovery products.
·        Fan assisted storage heaters
·        Replacement warm-air unit
·        Cavity wall insulation
·        Flat roof insulation
·        Floor insulation
·        Room-in-roof insulation
·        Double / triple glazing (replacing single glazing)
·        Secondary glazing
·        Energy efficient replacement doors

*If chosen measures are less than £1000 the scheme refunds up to the amount paid only.

Core offer 2 :

provides up to 75% of total cost of solid wall insulation (up to a maximum of £6000).

Eligibility and Add-on offer 3:

To be eligible for funding householders must have a valid Green Deal Assessment Report (GDAR) from an authorised Green Deal Installer / Provider or an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) no older than 2 years prior to application. The  qualifying measures must be recommended in either document

However householders can claim up to £100 refund for the cost of the GDAR.

New Homeowners and Add-on offer 4:

For recent homebuyers (within 12 months of the GDHIF application) an additional £500 can be claimed for improving the property with for example a Logic Code Combi ES boiler.

What’s next?

The total scheme funding is £120million for this financial year so early applications are advised.

Registrations for GDHIF can be made when the application site and telephone hotline become live in early June.

The improvements must be installed within six months of receiving the voucher from GDHIF and

Payment is made to the householder on receipt of the installer validated GDHIF voucher , invoice copies and a conformity form.

Two energy saving measures are readily obtained with a Logic Code Combi ES boiler providing a compact, easily installed property upgrade utilizing  this Government offered funding.

To download our Green Deal Home Improvement Fund infographic click here.

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    this is great news although DECC are making it increasingly difficult as you need a separate PAS2030 measure for the flue heat recovery device…surely this should be covered under the boiler as it is part of the flue.

    another money making scheme by the government.

    we are now having to fork out another £400 to get this measure added which in my opinion is ridiculous.

  • John Whitehead

    I would like more information on this scheme and also how I can get this to our customers.

  • Daniel Perkins

    If you install Logic Code boilers for general public is a requirement that you are a Green Deal approved installer to offer the incentive to potential customers

    • Ideal Boilers

      You can install the Logic Code Combi ES as a Gas Safe registered engineer, its only if the homeowner wants to claim back the Green Deal funds that you will need to be a Green Deal registered installer.

  • Julian Thorpe

    Does a customer need to use a pas2030 accredited installer.

    • Ideal Boilers

      Yes, the customer will need to enter the Green Deal Installer ID number on the forms and the website to claim their cashback.


    Working as a gas safe registered engineer, who has also attained city & guilds energy efficiency. Which covers most of the areas mentioned, I would have to go on yet another course at my expense to become a green deal engineer. Just to do what I already do.

    • Ideal Boilers

      Unfortunately yes. This is a Government incentive and they have put strict measures in place for this. You will have to become PAS2030 as a business first, then have an assessment done on your work internal and external. We can send you the details of Easy Green Deal who can advise you further.

  • balal Habshi

    Please forward me more information on how to obtain green deal

  • Robert Booth


    I will be Pass 2030 accredited at the beginning of July, I am interested in joining your scheme, could you please send over some details how to register.

    Thank you

    Rob booth

    • Ideal Boilers

      With the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, there is no scheme to join. Once you have both measures (gas boiler and flue gas heat recovery) under PAS, please let us know so we can help with product training and installer support.

  • Michael sharpe

    I am a landlord of a property and have a tenant in the property.
    The boiler needs upgrading and I was told by my plumber that I can get a free boiler through the government scheme.
    Please could you send me information on getting this done.
    Many thanks
    Mobile number 07747482390

  • henry Walsh

    We are a GDAO and GDI with accreditation to install FGHR.

    What is the price of the ideal logic code 30kw with Flue Gas Heat Recovery please?

    We are interested in installing in line with the GDHIF and would like to offer this boiler.

    Do you have any offers that would be of interest to us as installers?

  • james GALVIN

    I want to know how i can get this as my boiler is 14 years old and on its last legs

  • Claire Donnelly

    When the GSHIF reopens in november how do I find an approved green deal installer to fit one of these boilers in my home – I live in rushden, northamptonshire ?

  • Parmjit singh

    Please send me info on boilers with flue gas heat recovery thanks

  • Craig Birch

    New combi replace conventional boiler in the garage to.replace