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Energy related Products ErP Directive explained

ErP Directive (ErP)

ErP Directive

With the Energy related Products (ErP) directive due to come into force in September 2015, you can rest assured Ideal will be right by your side every step of the way.

On 26th September 2015 a new Energy related Product (ErP) directive from the EU comes into force.

The ErP directive designed to help the EU achieve its target to reduce energy use by 20% and increase the share of renewable energies by 20% by 2020. It will affect all space and water heaters, ensuring they meet minimum efficiency requirements, and require the same type of energy efficiency labels as fridges and freezers.

You will still be able to install products purchased prior 26th September but after this date, boiler manufacturers and installers will have to ensure that the products they use and the systems they commission, meet the minimum requirements within this new Energy related Products directive.

Space and water heating products will be required to have an energy label, already familiar on other white goods such as A+++ rated dishwashers/washing machines, and manufacturers will only be able to sell compliant products after 26th September 2015.

Low-rated water heating products (such as those which might be rated in bands F or G) will not be permitted under the new directive.

Boiler manufacturers will be responsible for ensuring their products have compliant energy labelling while you, the installer, will be responsible for providing the energy labelling for a complete heating system. You will need to calculate a system efficiency figure, based on the different components of the system (boiler, controls, renewables etc), which will then be added to the energy efficiency label to complete the installation.

There will an initial period of adjustment, however you will be supported by Ideal throughout the process. You will need to understand what you can legally install and help the householder understand how to make the best choice for their home.

We’re gearing up to support you throughout the ErP process with a range of tools such as training courses and added support via our Installer Connect app.

All this could sound daunting but don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can turn to Ideal and we’ll have the answers.

Call our Technical Help team on 01482 498 663 or email

Alternatively, why not book on a training course and speak to one of our Technical Trainers . Just visit



For more information on the Energy related Products directive visit:


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  • Mark jones

    Any erp course and what cost any installer course thanks

    • Ideal Boilers

      Hi there,
      Our Domestic product training courses all include information on ErP and what you need to do.
      If you want to book on a course just use the training calendar or speak to your Area Sales Manager.

  • Martin Watson

    In the statement in the erp directive it mentions about calculating the system efficiency. As an installer who is commissioning the appliance, what is the process to follow to calculate this figure to add to the completed paperwork

    • Ideal Boilers

      Hi Martin,
      There are a few points to remember with regard to labelling, systems and calculations. If you are supplying a complete heating system, you will be responsible for creating and providing homeowners with the energy efficiency package label and fiche.
      A ‘package label’ must be produced when selected components are installed together, however, you will not need to supply a ‘package’ label if you are only installing a boiler or a boiler plus hot water cylinder, as these are not defined as ‘packages’ or ‘systems’ under the directive.
      Whether an installation requires a ‘system’ calculation simply depends on whether it meets one of two definitions of a package as given by the directive:
      1 A space heater plus a temperature control device and/or a solar device, OR
      2 A water heater and a solar device
      (Please note that conventional cylinders are not included, neither are radiators or pumps. Pumps are individually rated.)
      As manufacturers will have to supply the energy efficiency figures for their products, calculating the whole system efficiency will be as simple as adding together the different percentages of the components used in the system to generate an overall figure. You can find the information in the product fiches supplied by manufacturers in the installation manuals. The total will then translate into ratings familiar to consumers from their TVs and household goods energy labels.
      Controls will not carry an ErP label but play an important part in the calculation and rating of a package. Controls are classified into eight groups, each of which is allocated a percentage score.
      For example, an Ideal Vogue 26kW combi boiler has an energy efficiency figure of 93%, if installed with Class 8 controls an additional 5% can be added, to give a total of 98% which translates into an A+ rated system.
      We are currently developing a dedicated web page for installers to calculate and generate package labels – watch this space for more information!

  • Mick Fletcher

    Where’s the dedicated website you mentioned ? its now september i am quoting for work and i want to make sure i am compliant.
    What does seem cock eyed to me and i brought it up to a plumbcenter chap at one of their roadshows where he had no answer , is whats the point in producing a label post installation, Surely the whole concept is for the end user to make an informed decision about what products to choose . Surely producing a package label at the point of quotation would make more sense ??

  • Mark kingston

    Just a quick question where are the labels meant to be on these boilers?
    The outside label says erp but nothing anywhere on the boiler?
    Do we have to apply for these labels??

  • plumber Surbiton

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