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Blog from Charlie Mullins OBE, Pimlico Plumbers- PR – Being noticed by the right people

Charlie Mullins ,OBE

People tend to associate the concept of PR in business with huge budgets and dozens of executives, meeting each other inside glass towers and arranging world changing campaigns over lunch. And that might be true if your name is Bill Gates! But there are many ways a SME can make a big noise on the PR front.

Okay, so on Twitter you might not reach as many people as the world’s most successful CEOs, but do you really need billions of people all over the world knowing about your plumbing and heating business in Oxford? Cost effective small business PR isn’t the art of being noticed, it’s the art of being noticed by the right people.

Local is just the start

Even traditional media like newspapers is stacked in your favour once you manage to crack it, and believe me get things right and they’ll keep coming back for more. And once you are on that business page your three column inches looks just the same, and will be seen by just as many people, as the story next to it, no matter how big the other company is. Don’t worry that you might only be getting in the local paper, again it probably gives better coverage of your potential client base than The Times or The Telegraph does for the multi-national.

“What the hell!”

When thinking about great PR campaigns forget about hours of endless meetings, pitches and proposals. What’s wrong with – think of an idea, kick it around in your head, say it out loud to a few people, and if they are not in fits of laughter (or maybe because they are) and it still sounds like a good idea, give it a go. Some of my best PR hits sounded a bit ‘out there’ to begin with, but when the idea didn’t go away all day, I thought – what the hell!


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