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Best Practice Water Treatment

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Neil Davies, Trade Marketing Director at Sentinel, explains how following a best practice water treatment approach of ‘clean, protect, maintain’ can not only help installers meet and maintain the system to manufacturers’ boiler care guidance, but also boost business opportunities.

Satisfied customers and new business go hand in hand – after all, happy homeowners mean more recommendations, an increasing number of referrals and an ever better reputation. But how can installers achieve consistently satisfied customers?

Ultimately it comes down to providing them with what they want – a reliable, energy efficient boiler and heating system that provides warmth and comfort year after year. This requires the installation of an excellent boiler and best practice water treatment to ensure long-term protection of the boiler and system components.

It’s worth noting here that this best practice approach, in addition to providing excellent sales opportunities and protecting an installer’s reputation, is also in line with guidance provided in many boiler installation and servicing manuals, and can help to protect boiler warranties.

Cleaning the system removes greases, oils and installation debris from new systems, and sludge and limescale build-up from existing systems. Furthermore, cleaning restores heating system efficiency and performance, and prepares a system for effective protection.

It’s worth pointing out to homeowners that the practice of cleaning a dirty heating system can save up to £142 a year on energy bills and improve the effectiveness of a heating system by 15%, making homes warmer.

To protect the boiler, boiler manufacturers often recommend the use of tried and tested corrosion and scale inhibitors. Inhibitor dosing helps to ensure the long-term protection and optimum energy efficiency of the boiler and system components. Dosing with a maximum protection, premium inhibitor costs a homeowner around £75 including parts and labour, but considering the advantages mentioned (replacement parts can cost as much as £350), it is sure to be seen as money well spent.

Ensuring on-going lifetime boiler protection (once a system is clean) can be easily achieved by installing a high performance system filter which uses cyclone technology to capture both magnetic and non-magnetic debris, giving continuous clean water return. This is an easy up-sell as it can provide a homeowner with the peace of mind that their system is ‘insured’ against debris buildup.

Ultimately, providing best practice water treatment thus ensuring long term protection of the system, energy ratings, performance, and efficiency is straightforward and a win-win for installer and customer.

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